As standard opencard modules or third-party modules look awful in the Journal3 template, the Random Specials module provides the ability to use Journal3 internal modules. Due to this, the output of random specials can be configured by means of a template.

Well, let's see how to do it! In fact, everything is quite simple:

1. Depending on your needs, create a product module in Journal-> Modules-> Products or Journal-> Modules-> Mini Products.
Random Specials Opencart 1
2. Customize the module according to the design of your site.
3. Add a new item and adjust it as shown.

Note: Product Rules = Custom. Products do not need to be added, they will be installed automatically.

Random Specials Opencart 2
4. Save the newly created module.
Random Specials Opencart 3
5. Open the Random Specials module for editing and adjust the Name, Limit and View fields.

In the View field, select the desired Journal3 module. In our case, this is #345: Offer of the day => First tab, where

  • 345 is the module id;
  • Offer of the day - the name of the module;
  • First tab - a tab or block where random shares will be displayed.

Random Specials Opencart 4
6. Save the module settings and go to Journal -> Layouts.
7. Display the required instance of the Random Specials module on the desired layouts.
Random Specials Opencart 5
Random Specials Opencart 6
8. Save the layout settings and clear the cache.
Random Specials Opencart 7