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Advanced Categories
3.x 2.x -8 %
The opencart module Advanced Categories is designed to customize the category page. With this module, an opencart category page will become more presentable and convenient.The module will be especially useful for users who use a standard template. The module also supports the Journal3 template. ..
$18.39 $19.99
Product RSS Feed
3.x 2.x -6 %
Opencart module Product RSS Feed, as the name implies, allows you to create an RSS feed of latest products.Why you may need an RSS feed of goods:Clients receiving information about new arrivals of goods (using RSS readers); Publishing (sharing) of opencart products on Facebook, Twitter,..
$9.39 $9.99
Product Table
3.x 2.x -49 %
Opencart module Product Table is designed to display store products list in the form of a table. With it, you can offer your customers a view of the price list, list of new arrivals, list of special  offers, etc. in a convenient format. You can create an unlimited number of module instances wi..
$7.64 $14.99
Ajax Quantity For Journal2 Cart
2.x -6 %
Journal2 is powerful and very popular template for OpenCart 2. However, it is not without shortcomings. Sometimes, you need so simple but very necessery functionality.  The extension Ajax Quantity For Journal2 Cart is designed to improve the Journal2 template and to simplify cus..
$4.69 $4.99
Image Gallery Tab for Product
2.x -6 %
Image Gallery Tab for Product is an extension for Opencart 2.x. It allows you to create a photogallery in a separate tab. It use size and style of additional images from site setting. Images of the gallery are not mixed with main images of product.Also the extension adds a new tab Gall..
$9.39 $9.99
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