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SeoPro Fix for Journal2 Blog
2.x -17 %
Journal2 is very powerful and very popular template for OpenCart. However, its so difficult to customize Journal2 or integrate it with another extensions. One of common issues is that Journal2 Blog doesn't work with SeoPro library. Journal2 Blog works fine only with default router seo_url. ..
$4.14 $4.99
Ajax Quantity For Journal2 Cart
2.x -8 %
Journal2 is powerful and very popular template for OpenCart 2. However, it is not without shortcomings. Sometimes, you need so simple but very necessery functionality.  The extension Ajax Quantity For Journal2 Cart is designed to improve the Journal2 template and to simplify cus..
$4.59 $4.99
Easy File Attacher
Hot 2.x -42 %
Please, pay attention to new module Advanced Downloads. Easy File Attacher will no longer develop.Easy File Attacher - OCMOD extension. With Easy File Extension you can upload, attach or detach files from special tab "Downloads" in the product form. You can att..
$5.79 $9.99
Image Gallery Tab for Product
2.x -8 %
Image Gallery Tab for Product is an extension for Opencart 2.x. It allows you to create a photogallery in a separate tab. It use size and style of additional images from site setting. Images of the gallery are not mixed with main images of product.Also the extension adds a new tab Gall..
$9.19 $9.99
Multilingual Settings
3.x 2.x 1.x -15 %
By default, opencart settings do not support multilingualism. This becomes a problem when using several languages on the site, because you need to specify a lot of important information in different languages: SEO data, contacts, and often the logo.The Opencart module Multilingual Settings will ..
$8.49 $9.99
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