Fractional product quantity

Fractional product quantity
Fractional product quantity
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Fractional product quantity
Fractional product quantity


By default, opencart allows you to specify only the integer quantity of a product, which creates certain inconveniences for those sellers who sell weighted or detachable goods and need to sell tenths, hundredths or less of the products.
Opencart module Fractional product quantity completely solves this problem.

Features of the Fractional product quantity module:

Flexible settings

Fractional product quantity 1

You can set the required number of decimal places, as well as the default number and minimum value. In addition, users of the Journal3 template and the Simple module will find it useful to be able to specify a default value for the increase / decrease step.

Attention! The Status field does not affect the operation of the module, because changes occur at the database level. The field is left to maintain the correct module structure.


Full integration of fractional quantities into opencart

Fractional product quantity 2

Product quantity, minimum product quantity, a discount from quantity, options - all these settings of a product support fractional quantity. In addition, the same support is introduced for the return functionality. You can place orders with a decimal quantity both on the website and from the admin panel. In other words, all standard product quantity fields are converted to decimal fractions.

Attention! It is necessary to use a point, instead of a comma:

  • 5.89 is correct;
  • 5,89 is incorrect.

Special settings

Fractional product quantity 4

The module adds a new field in the product from, where you can specify the individual value of the step of changing product quantity (multiplicity).

  • if step = 1, you only can buy an integer value of the product
  • if step = 0.5, you can buy 0.5, 1, 3.5, etc.
  • if step = 0.1, you can buy 0.1, 0.2, 0.8, 1.1, etc.

So you can apply fractional quantity only to the selected items.


Extra functions

Fractional product quantity 5

You can enable a stepper buttons on the product page in the module settings. This is relevant for users of the default template.


Incorrect quantity warning

Fractional quantity of product 8

If a customer is trying to add to cart incorrect quantity, a popup with warning message appears.

You can customize this message in the module settings using shortcodes:

  • {quantity} - entered quantity;
  • {step} - multiplicity, step of changing the product quantity.



Full support for popular extensions

Fractional product quantity 3

Support is automatic and does not require manual file editing.

  •  Journal3: increase / decrease the product quantity in sections, on the product page and on the checkout page. The price is recalculated taking into account the fractional quantity
  • Admin Quick Edit: full support for quick editing of product quantity in product list and return list.
  • Simple registration and checkout Simple: full support for editing the quantity in the cart.
  • Ajax Quick Checkout 6.6.x: full support for editing the quantity in the cart.
  • Megashop theme: increase / decrease quantity on a product page.

Version History

2.2 (29/11/2022)

Added an incorrect quantity warning pop-up that appears when a customer tries to add incorrect quantity of the product to the cart. You can customize the message text in the module settings. You can use some short-codes:

  • {quantity} - entered quantity;
  • {step} - multiplicity, step of changing the quantity of the product.

A demo is available on the module page where you can see how it works.

How to update the module:

1. Install the new version of the module.
2. Update the modification cache.
3. Clear the twig cache (OC 3)
4. Go to the module settings and configure the message.

Attention! If you have ordered customization or module adaptation services, please contact me before upgrading.

2.1 (27/03/2022)

Megashop theme is supported now

2.0 (30/12/2021)

What's new:

  • New field "Step" in the product form.
  • When adding an item to the cart, the correspondence of the quantity to the step of changing the quantity is checked. For example, if the step = 0.2, and you add 1.5 to the cart, then only 1.4 will be added.
  • Possibility to display buttons for changing the quantity on the product page.
  • Minor changes and improvements.


How to update a module:

1. Install the new version using the plug-in installer.

2. Go to the module settings and save.

3. Refresh the modifications cache.

4. Clear the twig cache (OC 3.0).

1.1 (19/11/2021)

Compatibility with Ajax Quick Checkout 6.6.x added

1.0 (11/11/2021)

Features of the module:

  • You can specify the required precision (number of decimal places);
  • you can set default values for quantity, minimum and step of a stepper (for Journal and Simple);
  • fractional quantity is supported everywhere (product, option, discount, order, refund);
  • supported some popular extensions: Journal3, Admin Quick Edit, Simple.


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Fractional product quantity

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