Terms & Conditions

  1. The customer is obliged to specify the correct site address on which this extension will be used while purchasing it and / or additional option. Otherwise, technical support will not be possible.
  2. Purchasing an extension, the buyer has the right to use it only on the site specified during the purchase. 1 site - 1 license.
  3. The access to the extension files the buyer gets immediately after purchase, if the payment is successful. In some cases after verification of payment.
  4. New versions of purchased extensions will be available for download without additional payment.
  5. It is forbidden to distribute extensions (chargeable or free), include extensions or parts in other software products without the written permission of the author.
  6. There is no refund.
  7. To get technical support, the user must specify the order number in the circulation. The site for what help is required should be matched with what was specified when purchasing the extension.
  8. Technical support is provided within 24 hours after the request.
  9. Technical support includes:
    • consultation before and after purchase
    • correcting possible compatibility errors with standard Opencart functionality
    • correcting possible compatibility errors with extensions of other developers (only if compatibility is stated on the extension page)
  10. Technical support does NOT include:
    • installing an extension on the buyer's website (if the corresponding option is not specified when purchasing)
    • correcting conflicts with extensions of other developers (if compatibility is not stated)
    • further work by the buyer's requests
  11. Option “Install and configure” includes solving the compatibility problems with third-party extensions installed on the buyer's website at the time of purchase.
  12. Technical support is provided for chargeable and free extensions purchased with the “Install and configure”.
  13. Technical support for free extensions downloaded without the purchase marked “Install and configure” is performed at the request of the developer and his availability.