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30 Oct Correct Cyrillic encoding in PHP for MacOS
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 617
When creating CSV for Excel in Windows-1251 encoding (as used for the window), this file may not work correctly on the MacOS. Some Cyrillic characters are displayed incorrect (for example, letter "Я")..
13 Aug Debug Opencart3
Chornovol Volodymyr 5 8786
Opencart3 is using template engine Twig. By default, debug mode is disabled. Is very simple to enable it - in the file system/library/template/Twig/Environment.php param 'debug' turn to true and add t..
26 Jan How to install memcached (CentOS 7 + CentOS Web Panel + PHP 5.6)
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 5197
yum install memcached yum install libmemcached-devel yum install php-pecl-memcached.x86_64 pecl install memcached-2.2.0 systemctl restart memcached.service systemctl restart httpd.service  ..
11 Oct How to delete unused filter values in Opencart
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 2559
How to delete unused filter values in OpencartDELETE filter, filter_description FROM filter LEFT JOIN filter_description ON filter_description.filter_id = filter.filter_id WHERE filter.filter_..
04 Apr Delete unsused manufacturers
Chornovol Volodymyr 1 2435
Note: delete unsused manufacturers from opencart databaseDELETE manufacturer, manufacturer_description, manufacturer_to_store FROM manufacturer LEFT JOIN manufacturer_description ON manufacture..
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