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14 Jul How to change session engine in OpenCart
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 153
Opencart 3 Open /system/config/default.php file and change the param called 'session_engine'.// Session$_['session_engine']       = 'db'; Possible values: db – sessions are stored in the database, oc_..
03 Dec How to get Instagram Access Token 2020
Chornovol Volodymyr 1 3206
Let’s say you want to put a feed of Instagram posts on the site. Let’s take an example of getting an instagram access token for your application.Step 1Go to Facebook developers tools and create a new ..
23 Oct How to display Random Specials using Journa3 Modules
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 837
As standard opencard modules or third-party modules look awful in the Journal3 template, the Random Specials module provides the ability to use Journal3 internal modules. Due to this, the output of ra..
23 Oct How to set Timezone in Opencart 3
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 1318
By default, timezone in Opencart 3 is set to UTC. As a result, the incorrect operation of events related to time: for example, special offers.It's so simpe to configure the correct timezone: open the ..
20 Aug Installing Opencart 3.x modules
Chornovol Volodymyr 4 16863
Installing Openacart 3 modules is similar to installing in opencart 2. However, there are some innovations and restrictions:In admin side you only can install modules in * format. Instaling ..
19 Aug Installing Opencart 2.x modules
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 4019
Unlike Opencart 1.x, opencart 2.x has a built-in modules installer and its own modification system OCMOD. Usually, modules are being distributed in two formats:Module_name.ocmod.zipModification_name.o..
19 Aug Installing Opencart 1.x modules
0 1906
Usually, opencart 1.x modules are being distributed as a zip archive with the upload directory inside. This folder contains all the files of the module. Step 1Unzip the archive and upload content of t..
21 Jun How to get Instagram Access Token
Chornovol Volodymyr 2 31806
Step 1 Go to the Instagram Developers Tool: and press Register Your ApplicationStep 2 Then press Register a New Client Step 3 Complete fields, u..
13 Aug OCMOD: processing correction of error=
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 3417
When testing one of modifications for Opencart it was found that default modification.php of Opencart 2.0.x and 2.1.x processes incorrect the attribute error="skip" of tag . It breaks processing inste..
13 Jun Downloadable Files: troubleshooting
Chornovol Volodymyr 4 3553
Some customers have some problems with OpenCart 2.0 extension "Downloadable Files". Since problems are similar, it was decided to collect solving them in one place.Problem: Blank page, error 500 o..
20 Apr What is geocode and how to find it
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 16412
Geocode is geographic coordinates: latitude and longitude. For example, 48.858254, 2.294861 is coordinates of the Eifell Tower in Paris, -15.849054, -69.326599 is coordinates of the lake Titicaca in S..
08 Dec Multiline Search in OCMOD
Chornovol Volodymyr 0 3725
Sometimes for making OpenCart mods is necessary to search multiline markers for a higher accuracy.The fix adds a support of qoute attribute. The function preg_quote() uses it.So, go to admin/c..
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