Advanced Product Reviews

Advanced Product Reviews
Advanced Product Reviews
Advanced Product Reviews
Advanced Product Reviews
Advanced Product Reviews
Advanced Product Reviews
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Advanced Product Reviews
Advanced Product Reviews
Advanced Product Reviews
Advanced Product Reviews
Advanced Product Reviews
Advanced Product Reviews


The default opencart review system is so primitive: you cannot control the visibility of fields, you cannot reply to a customer’s review, you cannot enable automatic approval of reviews, and much more. The Advanced Product Reviews module for opencart can compensate for the shortcomings of the default reviews system and add a lot of useful functionality.

Features of Advanced Product Reviews

Convenient list of reviews

Advanced Product Reviews 1
  • Compact display of reviews;
  • "Reply" button in each review and reply;
  • Unlimited nesting tree structure;
  • Configurable number of reviews per page.

New compact form

Advanced Product Reviews 2
  • New field "Email" in the adding review form;
  • New field "Notify upon reply";
  • Compact arrangement of fields;
  • Automatically fill the name and email if the client or administrator is authorized.

Automatic approval of reviews

Advanced Product Reviews 3
  • Automatic approval of reviews and replies;
  • Rating check. For example, you can automatically post only highly rated reviews;
  • Checking text by regular expression. For example, you can prevent auto-approval of reviews that contain a link.
  • Email notification to the administrator about a problematic review or response. You can approve or delete a review or response directly from your email without having to go to the admin panel.

Reward for a review

Advanced Product Reviews 4
  • Setting the criteria for receiving a reward: minimum rating and / or minimum review size;
  • The reward can be an automatically generated one-time coupon and / or the accrual of reward points to the client's internal account;
  • Easy coupon setup;
  • Customizable notice to the client about the reward;
  • The reward can only be received by the client who bought the product, about which he leaves a review.


Advanced Product Reviews 5
  • Notifying the client about the response to his review or reply;
  • Client notification of reward;
  • Notifying the admin of a new review;
  • Notifying the admin of a problematic review or response;
  • Ability to customize templates for notifications to the client about the reply and reward. Shortcodes and multilanguage are supported.

Field management

Advanced Product Reviews 6
  • The fields can be non-required or disabled. You can allow to leave anonymous reviews and ratings, or use reviews only for discussion purposes by turning off ratings.
  • Customizable date format.


Advanced Product Reviews 7
  • The module does not replace opencart files. The necessary changes are made using OCMOD.
  • The module works with a standard table of reviews in the database. Answers and additional information are stored in separate tables.
  • When installing the module, you will NOT lose existing reviews. Also, all reviews will remain when you disable or remove the module.
  • The review edit form has been expanded with additional fields and responses.
  • Supports multistore configuration. You can relate reviews to the store: show on the product page only those reviews that were left in the current store.
  • The popular Journal3 template is supported.


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Advanced Product Reviews
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Does not change or replace files
Does not require IonCube Loader
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Unlimited support
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OpenCart version2.3.x, 3.0.x
TemplateDefault, Journal3
Interface LanguageUA, EN, RU