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Store Language
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    OpenCart version3.x
    Interface LanguageEN

    To promote a multilingual opencart website, it is necessary to provide search robots with the correct information about language versions of the site. Opencart has multilanguage features, but they don’t fully satisfy modern needs. The opencart module Store Language will fix some shortcomings of the original engine. In particular, it will be possible to output hreflang in the opencart.

    Features of the module:

    • Language in the URL
    • Ability to set up  each language on a separate domain/subdomain (when using multistore; each store should have default language which differs fromf the main store language)
    • Compatible with Journal3
    • Hreflang output in the <head> section on the pages:
      • Category
      • Product
      • Manufacturer
      • Sitemap
      • Home page
      • Contact
      • Information
      • Joural3 blog (home, category, post)
    • Ability to set up language version for x-default

    Pay attention, it’s important:

    • The module changes default URL formation algorithms (using OCMOD), so, conflicts with other SEO modules are possible. Please, consult before purchasing or use “Install and configure” service (it includes conflicts solving)
    • The module only works with defaul url library (seo_url) and does not compatible with SeoPro (at this moment)

    Version History

    3.7 (28/08/2021)

    What's new in Store Language 3.7:

    • a new Store option that allows hreflang to be displayed only on selected stores;
    • improved work of the language detector in Subdir mode.

    How to update:

    1. Install the module.
    2. Configure the Store option in the module settings.

    Attention! If you ordered an adaptation of the module, please consult before updating.

    The module still does NOT work with SeoPro and is incompatible with other SEO modules.

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