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Take a Pic
Take a Pic
Take a Pic
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Take a Pic
Take a Pic
Take a Pic


The Take a Pic module is intended for photographing goods directly from the OpenCart admin panel using an IP camera (for example, a smartphone with the IP Webcam application installed). The first version of the module used the camera of the device on which the browser is running (a regular webcam or the camera of a smartphone/tablet), but the method with the IP camera turned out to be more functional.


  • You can take an unlimited number of pictures, delete failed ones and only then save without reloading the page
  • You can specify which of the new photos you want to set the main image of the product
  • Taking pictures with and without autofocus
  • You can set the brightness and contrast
  • An alternative to the camera is the ability to upload multiple images at once (the algorithm works like with photos from the camera)
  • Photos from the camera are placed in a separate folder, photos get a name by the name of the product (with numbering)
  • When saving, photos are resized to the specified size


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You can not purchase this module
You can not purchase this module
But you can order a similar module for your site. This module was created according to the individual order of the client, taking into account the peculiarities of his site and the peculiarities of his business processes. If you need the same module (or any other) - just write to me.
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