Opencart Parser

Opencart Parser


The main purpose of the Spy Parser module is to discreetly monitor products on competitors' websites and automatically set costs lower than competitors.

Features of this opencart parser:

  • Manual and automatic parsing of the cost of products  from different sources and the choice of the lowest price
  • Simple arithmetic operations with price (*0.95, -10, +2, etc.)
  • Parsing through proxy (to avoid detection and blocking)
  • Manual and automatic parsing of proxy servers from open sources. Alse there is ability to set a paid proxy with authorization
  • Convenient proxy list management
  • Support related options
  • Convenient donor list management
  • Convenient parsing list management
  • Convenient and functional interface for setting up parsing of goods. Also there is integration of this interface into the product editor (a separate tab)
  • Manage parsing intervals. Each product can be assigned an individual interval.
  • Import / export of a parsing list to adjust price operations
  • Automatic backup of the database (selected tables) before each parsing and import session. There is an automatic control of the number of backups.
  • Detailed logging of the parsing process. Each session is recorded in a separate log. There is an automatic control of the number of logs.
  • A system of notifications about critical events during parsing (the product is unavailable, the cost cannot be charged, etc.)
  • A large number of settings


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You can not purchase this module
You can not purchase this module
But you can order a similar module for your site. This module was created according to the individual order of the client, taking into account the peculiarities of his site and the peculiarities of his business processes. If you need the same module (or any other) - just write to me.
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OpenCart version2.3
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