Custom Opencart Modules

Opencart Parser
The main purpose of the Spy Parser module is to discreetly monitor products on competitors' websites and automatically set costs lower than competitors.Features of this opencart parser:Manual and automatic parsing of the cost of products  from different sources and the choic..
PDF Maker
3.x 2.x
The opencart module PDF Maker is designed to generate a pdf-file containing the details of the customer and the store, a list of selected goods and additional services, and additional text information. See the attached example of the generated file.Module features:User-friendly interface ..
Take a Pic
3.x 2.x
The Take a Pic module is intended for photographing goods directly from the OpenCart admin panel using an IP camera (for example, a smartphone with the IP Webcam application installed). The first version of the module used the camera of the device on which the browser is running (a regular webcam or..
XML import
Sooner or later, opencart-based store owner is faced with question: wich tool he can use to import price-list(s) of the supplier to update products in opencart quickly and correctly?There are different modules to perform those tasks that specialize in processing one of file formats: csv, yml etc..
Import from Instagram to Journal3 Blog.The module InstaJournal let to import posts from an Instagram account (or several) to the Journal3 Blog system. It works on Opencart 3.x.Main features of the module:You can include several Instagram accounts Multistore Multilanguage Blog ca..
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Despite the fact that there are a lot of modules for OpenCart, it is far from always possible to find an extension that has all the necessary functionality. In this case, only the development of a custom module can help. This module will be  developed taking into account all the wishes of the customer and will be 100% compatible with his website and all installed modules.

This section presents the most interesting opencart modules we made by individual order. You can't buy them, but you can order similar ones.

How it works:

  1. You send the terms of reference or just the idea of ​​the module, and we discuss this information in detail.
  2. When all the details are clarified, we evaluate the cost and development time and agree with you. If possible, several options with different costs will be offered.
  3. We develop the module and inform you about the readiness.
  4. You pay the agreed price on the page "Programming Services"
  5. Immediately after payment, we install and configure the module on your website and / or send the installation package with instructions. If it needs, we make minor changes.

Often, the development of custom opencart modules takes place on an offline copy of the customer’s site in order to ensure full compatibility with other components of the site. If the module is very large and complex, then its development can be divided into several stages.