After a long pause, the module SeoPro Fix for Journal3 Blog received an update.

What's new:

  • Native interface that contains:
    • URL view settings
    • List of all blog posts for easy checking of the main category and seo url of posts
  • A link to the Seopro Fix module is displayed in the Journal -> Blog menu
  • The main category of a post has been added to breadcrumbs on the post
  • The main category of the post is set when saving the post. This is always the first category on the list. If the main category is already set for the post, it is always displayed first in the list.
  • If the main category is not yet set for the post, the first will be used in breadcrumbs and SEO URL. If the post is placed in only one category, you can not worry about the main one.

How to upgrade:

  1. Install the module following the instructions for installing the OpenCart 3 or Opencart 2 modules
  2. Activate the module and save its settings

Important! If you ordered the installation and / or adaptation service when purchasing, consult us before updating.