I'm glade to present the opencart module Multilingual Settings 3.0!

The base code of the module has been created in the Opencart Modules Generator.

What's New in Multilingual Settings 3.0:

  • the module has its own settings interface;
  • a completely different algorithm, due to which compatibility with other additions should be much higher;
  • interventions in the opencart code are minimal. The new version does not have a large and complex modification;
  • added support for Image and Store logo fields;
  • the version 3.0 only supports opencart 2.3 and openacrt 3.0.x.

How to upgrade if you have the old version of Multilingual Settings installed:

  1. Install the module using the opencart installer.
  2. Enable and configure the module. The first time you turn it on, the module will copy the existing settings.
  3. Go to the list of modificayions and disable the old version. If the modification was installed in the /system folder - delete the mod or rename it.
  4. Update the modifications cache.
  5. Clear theme cache (for opencart 3).

Learn more about Multilingual Settings